• Beverly Mackie

Divine Mercy Crossword Puzzle

Updated: Apr 30

2nd Sunday of Easter; Jesus, I trust in You!

Clues are from Acts 2: 42-47, I Peter 1:3-9. Psalm 118, and John 20:19-31

Read the scriptures.


Clues from Acts 2: 42-47

They devoted themselves to the apostles’ ______.

Done through the apostles. – wonders

They enjoyed this with all the people.

It came upon everyone. – awe

Clues from Psalm 118

Who shouts of victory.

His love is ____.

His ___ endures forever.

Give ___ to the Lord.

Clues from I Peter 1:3-9

The goal of your faith is the _____ of your souls.

It’s Imperishable/ undefiled, and unfading

“God … gave us a new birth to a living hope through the ______ of Jesus Christ ….”

We may have to ____ for a little while.

Clues from John 20:19-31

“Blessed are those who have not _____ and have believed.”

Jesus showed this to the disciples when he entered the room.

Although the doors were locked, Jesus entered the room and said these words.

What did the disciples do when they saw the Lord?

The doors were ____.

Jesus told the disciples to receive the __ ___.

Which disciple was missing when Jesus appeared before them in the room?

The doubting disciple wanted to put his ____ into the nailmarks.

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