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Healing Praise - Classroom Mantra

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

I wrote the following mantra after working with several groups of elementary children at a Christian school. We would begin our tutoring session with this Healing Praise empowered with scripture. Call it what you like: mantra, affirmation, confession or pledge. I just know it made a difference in my classes.

Mrs. Mackie's Class Mantra

I am a new creature predestined for greatness.

I have wisdom, and I make wise choices.

My teachers are anointed to teach in a manner that I can understand.

My mind is alert and anointed to understand, retain, explain, and apply.

I approach my work without fear and do my work to the best of my ability in excellence.

I have favor with my teachers, friends, and family.

I am healed and sickness does not lord over my body. Therefore, I have good attendance in school.

I have control over my body and emotions. I do things decently and in order.

I listen with my ears; think with my mind; speak wisdom and knowledge with my tongue.

I am loved regardless of how I perform.

I believe I am an overcomer, and all of my needs are met. I hold fast to these words.

Mrs. Mackie, I am ready to learn and achieve.

Note, I reply: I am prepared and ready to teach!


Initially, the students would repeat it after me. Then, they wanted to lead. So, they took turns. Sometimes, we said it in unison. If it appeared I was going to start class without doing our pledge, they would remind me. I would say after about a week, a third grader had a good old fashion tantrum. That’s when I added the word emotions when I referred to having control over your body. The next day, the third grader arrived a few minutes early to apologize. Once our session began, we recited the healing praise, but I decided to lead it. As I was reading the phrase, “I am loved regardless of how I perform”, I turned towards him to make and hold eye contact. The biggest and most beautiful smile came across his face. I did not have any more trouble out of him. He was still active, but no tantrums.

It was a work in progress.



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